When the aged, blind patriarch Isaac trembled and cried out in anguish, “Who was it, then, that hunted game and brought it to me?”, we realize how horrified he was at having been deceived by his son Jacob. The Bible doesn’t reveal if Isaac learned the whole truth, but we, as its readers, know that this incident was the result of Isaac’s wife, Rebekah, instigating the entire debacle. If Isaac did learn of Rebekah’s role, imagine his hurt, anger, disbelief, and disappointment. Talk about fertile soil for a major depressive episode! This was it!

Lies and deception are the antithesis of integrity. And they will cause the foundation of even the strongest of marriages to crumble.

There are numerous books today that discuss ways to affair proof a marriage, but one thing is sure, if both spouses constantly practice integrity with each other, an affair cannot occur. If we act with integrity, friendliness will not cross the line into flirtation, a business lunch will not become a sharing of intimate feelings, admiring how nice looking a coworker is will not digress into wanting to become sexually involved with them, and listening to someone’s problems will not lead to a desire to become romantically involved.

Every husband and every wife must challenge themselves to practice integrity toward their spouse. The survival of the marriage is dependent on it!