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Woman Says Facebook Connected Husband With Old Flame

Unlike the days before Facebook, when old flames could be tough to track down,
a click of the mouse on a high school or college alumni group can mean instant

“All of a sudden, the flame from 10, 15, even 30, 40 years ago, starts
reviving fantasies about how wonderful it was when you were 15, 18, 22 years
old,” said divorce attorney Amy Wolfson.
He said he has some advice to keep the relationships in check. First, it’s a
good idea to let your partner know who you’re friending.

“If you’re not sharing it with your partner because you know he or she is
going to be upset by it, well, that should be a red flag you ought to think
twice about doing it,” he said.

Hindy also suggested that discussing which friends or groups are in or out of
bounds. Don’t be afraid to say no to a friend request or even unfriend
someone. There are ways to break off a Facebook friend connection without the other person even knowing.

He said it’s also a good idea to discuss with your partner what information about you or your family is OK to discuss or post. And always, though it may be tough, communicate with your partner before it’s too late.