The benefits of a happy marriage:
For decades the work of social scientists has revealed a plethora of advantages connected to the happily married.
In March 2008, for example, a study published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine found that couples with a happy marriage have safer blood pressure levels than single adults. The researchers from Brigham Young University said the married couples they studied had better blood pressure than even those singles who had “a network of supportive friends,” according to a BYU News press release.
Other studies have consistently showed that being married increases happiness, increases the chances of escaping poverty – even in America’s inner cities – and, as a corollary, is linked to greater wealth creation. There is even a decline in the abuse of drugs that appears to be uniquely attached to the married state.
Married people can also generally expect to live longer lives than people who are single, cohabiting, divorced or widowed.