If the following symptoms occur on a regular basis then they could be stress related and it is advisable to seek medical advice:

  1. Mental attitudes are generally negative.
  2. You easily get confused.
  3. Suffer from mental lethargy.
  4. Seldom read a book or journal relating to your work.
  5. Have no intellectual relaxation.
  6. Rarely develop new ideas.
  7. Make negative statements about yourself.
  8. Find it difficult to concentrate.
  9. Seldom read anything but a newspaper.
  10. Do not have any hobbies.
  11. Rarely express your feelings through music, art, dance or writing.
  12. Fail to keep abreast of current events.
  13. Mind is often in a whirl.
  14. Rarely introduce innovations into your work.
  15. You do not know the name of your local government official.
  16. You avoid attending Seminars or courses that will assist you in your work.
  17. Frequently suffer from forgetfulness.

These cover some, but not all symptoms that may be related to mental stress.