Factors THAT ARE HARD TO CHANGE ONCE You are MARRIED (Static Risk factors):

  • Having a personality tendency to react strongly or defensively to problems and disappointments
  • Having divorced parents
  • Living together prior to marriage
  • Being previously divorced, yourself or your partner
  • Having children from a previous marriage
  • Having different religious backgrounds
  • Marrying at a very young age (for example, at the age of 18 or 19; the average these days is about 25 or 26 years of age for first marriages).
  • Knowing each other only for a short time before marriage
  • Experiencing financial hardship

Factors that you can change to improve your odds, if you work at it (Dynamic risk factors):

  • Negative styles of talking and fighting with each other, like arguments that rapidly become negative, put downs, and the silent treatment
  • Difficulty communicating well, especially when you disagree
  • Trouble handling disagreements as a team
  • Unrealistic beliefs about marriage
  • Having different attitudes about important things
  • A low level of commitment to one another, reflected in such things as not protecting your relationship from others you are attracted to, or failing to view your marriage as a long term investment


These are things to take seriously when thinking of getting married. Premarital counseling is an important step in dealing with some of these risk factors.  –Christian Counseling Center