Day 1: Discuss how you would like your family to be closer and the reasons for doing this project. Decide the best time to come together for family time.

Day 2:  Family Time. Let each family member pick a day during the upcoming month which will be “their” day. Circle those days on a calendar and put the family member’s name on the date. On that day they are to have their favorite meal and choose an activity which they want to entire family to participate in.

Day 3: Family Time. Turn off all electrical items that can interrupt (TV, Internet, Cell phone, ipod, etc.) and have the entire family play a game together.

Day 4: Each family member should design and make a card for each member of the family in which thoughts and feelings of appreciation are expressed. These cards should be left in places where the family members will find them.

Day 5: Spend this day working on the following lists: (1) What I don’t like about how our family treats each other; (2) How I wish we treated each other; (3) What will I do to help make my second list come true. These lists should be done in complete honesty without fear of retaliation or reaction from other family members.

Day 6: Family Time. Each person should take the time to share their lists which they prepared the previous day. Let everyone share list one before moving to list two, and so on to list three. No one is allowed to react or defend while listening to the others’ lists. Allow this to be a time of learning how each family member feels about the family. Designate one person to hold on to all the lists to be used later in this month.

Day 7: Spend this day trying to complete the statement, “The one thing I wish this family understood about me is ___”

Have a great week and do not get discouraged if you get behind. Don’t give up, skip a day if you must.