Day 1: Family Time. All ow time this day for each member to share the previous day’s task.

Day 2: Begin a contest that will run for the next eight days. The object is to see who can give the most loving touches to other members of the family and who can receive the most loving touches from other family members. Each member is to keep up with how many times they deliver a loving touch and how many loving touches they receive for the next eight days. “Loving touches” should be defined.

Day 3: Family Time. Play “Spin the Bottle.” Have the family sit in a circle on the florr. Put an empty bottle in the middle of the circle. Take turns spinning it. Each family member should say something positive to the person the bottle points to.

Day 4: Send a note to each member of your family that completes the statement, “The one things you do most often (or the one thing you have done) that shows me you really love me is ___”

Day 5: Family Time. Spend this evening looking at family photgraphs together.

Day 6:  Family Time. Invite a recently widowed individual to your house to share a family meal.

Day 7: Family Time. It is time to look at the assignments from Day 4 and 5. How have you done as individuals and as a family in carrying out your commitments? Do any revisions need to take place in anyone’s lists? Continue to hold on to these lists until a later date.