Day 1: Make a list of the 10 most important things a person can do to develop trust in a relationship. Rank the 10 items from the most important to the least important.

Day 2: Family Time. Share your lists made yesterday and determine how your family is doing in the area of trust.

Day 3: Family Time. It is time to reward the winner of the “touching” contest! The other family members should make a formal presentation of a card that was designed by the family to honor the winner. Discuss what this exercise demonstrated.

Day 4: Using crayons and markers, draw a picture that shows the needed ingredients in a happy home. (For example, you might include a drawing of a heart which would indicate love as an important ingredient for a happy home.)

Day 5: Family Time. Everyone should share your pictures from yesterday’s activity. Be honest, how well does your family hold up to your pictures? What areas do you need to improve on?

Day 6: Have the parents (or single parent) go on a date without the children.

Day 7: Family Time. Draw family names out of a hat. Send a thank you card in the mail to the person who’s name you draw, thanking them for something they have done for you or the family.