Day 1: Take some time to think about the areas in your life that keep you from spending time with your family. Think of possible ways to change. Discuss with your family at the end of the day what you discovered and what you plan to do.

Day 2: Family Time. Even it it requires getting up early, the family is to sit down and have breakfast together.

Day 3: Take this day to do whatever you want to do as an individual. If you want to be alone or if you want to spend it with a certain member of the family, do as you wish.

Day 4: Family Time. Choose a favorite relative for everyone to write a letter to during the day. Spend time talking about different memories and feelings connected with that person.

Day 5: Family Time. Let each family member tell their most unforgettable family memory. That is, an event or activity the family did together they will never forget. For example, a memorable vacation.

Day 6: Family Time. The men are to cook dinner. During the meal tell different stories of something funny or embarrassing that you have done in the past or recently.

Day 7: Family Time. Talk about the past months’ activities. What was your favorite activity? What did you learn?


Don’t be discouraged if you missed a day, or don’t worry if you did something a little different. The most important thing is that you spend more time together as a family than you normally would.