Postpartum Depression is a type of depression that can occur in women who have recently given birth. It typically occurs in the first few months after delivery, but can happen within the first year after giving birth. The symptoms are those seen with any major depressive episode. Often, postpartum depression interferes with the mother’s ability to bond with her newborn.

As many as 10 to 15 percent of women experience a clinical depression during pregnancy or after the birth of the baby.

There is a three-fold increase in risk of depression during or following a pregnancy among women with a history of mood disorders. Once a woman has experienced a postpartum depression, her risk of having another reaches 70 percent.

Postpartum depression is different from the “Baby Blues”, which tend to occur the first few days after delivery and resolve spontaneously. As many as 80% of women experience these mood symptoms that are considered normal.

It is very important to seek help if you are experiencing postpartum depression.