Do you want to make an impact on your grandchildren‘s lives? Do you want to grow closer to them, develop meaningful relationships, and leave a legacy for them?

Here are seven ways you can build intentionally stronger relationships with your grandkids:

1. Plan special times together. It doesn’t have to be a week each summer; it could be a few weekends throughout the year, or even a weekly afternoon visit. The quantity of time is not as important as the quality.

2. Ask the parents to stay away! This is time for you and your grandchildren alone. If the parents are with you, the dynamics shift because kids will always focus more on their parents.

3. Take advantage of the resources around you. Whether it’s big-city attractions such as museums and aquariums, small-town amusements such as miniature golf and bowling, or natural resources such as lakes and woods, show the kids what’s special about your area.

4. The simplest pleasures are often the best. You don’t always have to be on the go. The time you spend at home with the kids will often be the times they remember best.

5. Make a plan, but be flexible. If something’s not working, don’t force it. If mini-golf is rained out, move indoors for crafts or board games. If the kids are tired and cranky, just take some down time. A plan is only there to guide you, not control you.

6. See things through the kids’ eyes. What excites your grandkids? What do they really want to try, learn about, or explore? Let that be your guide as you consider activities.

7. Give them your undivided attention. Don’t spoil them or cater to their every whim. But know that the love kids receive from you makes them feel special. So when they’re with you, be with them. It’s that simple.
Give intentional grandparenting a try. The time and love you invest will be paid back tenfold by the strong relationships and lasting memories you build with your grandchildren.

–Information from Ramona Roberson