Here are some suggestions for seeking mutual pleasure when creating an intimate marital relationship:
  • To experience long-lasting passion in marriage, couples must focus their sexual times together on delighting in each other’s body. Arousal, intercourse, and orgasm do not measure sexual satisfaction, but result when pleasure is the focus.
  • If pleasure is the sole focus of sex in marriage, instead of marital intimacy or mutual happiness, the couple misses the mark.
  • The couple has to accept their differences as a man and a woman— the husband’s more predictable constancy and the ever-changing complexity of the woman. Then sex will be more interesting, less goal-oriented, less pressure-filled, and more deeply satisfying.
  • Western culture glorifies spontaneity. However, for most couples, the anticipation of planned sexual times builds quality, and the secure scheduling of those times increases quantity. Put simply, setting aside specific times for pleasure means more great sex.
  • True passion and great sex do not just happen. Yet by affirming God’s design and pursuing mutual pleasure and sexual fulfillment, couples will discover the sexual satisfaction God intended for them in marriage.
  • God made us sexual beings and has placed within us the capacity to enjoy a healthy, physical bonding relationship. He doesn’t prevent it—we do!
  • When expressed as God desires, sex can be one of the most romantic and loving experiences a husband and wife can share.