Christmas is a time to share our love and make special memories to last a lifetime. Even the simplest activities can become a heritage of love, stored up in our children’s memories for them to share one day with their own families. Here are a few ideas on making memories:

  1. Take a drive to see the Christmas lights. Bundle the kids up and take a late night drive to see as many lights and decorations as you can. Sing Carols as you go.
  2. Put together a “time capsule” to be opened at a predetermined Christmas in the future. Put the front page of the newspaper, a picture, drawings, video or audio tape, and a list of presents. Get everyone to write a wish or prediction.
  3. Help an elderly neighbor decorate their home, take food, or take them shopping.
  4. Set up a treasure hunt for your children leading to a present. Give easy clues for younger ones and harder clues for older children. Leave a candy cane or cookie s beside some of the clues.

These are just a few ideas helping make Christmas a little more fun. Allow your creativity to start some new family traditions as you celebrate the holidays.