v Make a Christmas picture book from old Christmas cards.  Stack the cards on top of each other with all the pictures facing down the same side.  Sew the cards together along the crease and refold to form a book.

v Fancy sneakers make a one-of-a kind gift.  For children or adults.  Buy plain white sneakers from a craft or discount store.  Use a hot glue gun to decorate with buttons, ribbons, and lace.  Or use fabric paint to stencil designs.

v Even if you don’t bake you can still give food as gifts.  Buy in bulk and personalize your gifts by packing them in a unique container (for instance, a flower pot, mixing bowl, or decorative glass jar, etc.).

v Make handprint cards.  First, have the father use a colored pencil to trace around his hand on a sheet of paper.  Next, have the mother trace her hand inside the outline of the father’s hand.  Then trace around the children’s hands, each inside the outlines of the others.  Use different colors for each person.

v Make homemade wrapping paper using brown paper bags.  Decorate with paint, markers or rubber stamps.

v Buy clear Christmas balls and have family members decorate them with acrylic paint.                          Taken from “Holiday gift ideas” by Ellyn Sanna