Whether you would like to lose a few pounds, spend more time with your kids, or nurture your creative side, you can develop healthy habits to help you keep that New Year Resolution. Start by printing out this tips. Post them in a prominent place, and resolve to take a different approach to change this year.

Find something you love. You have heard it before, but the fact remains that devoting yourself to a lifetime of unpleasant tasks is drudgery. Choose habits and pursuits you enjoy.

Cast a wide net. You never know what might spark your passion. Variety keeps things interesting and allows you to approach problems in new ways. It can also take you out of your comfort zone–essential to leading a rich life.

Make a plan. Until it is on paper, it is just a wish. You can deviate from it, but a specific, detailed plan serves as a handrail so you always have something to come back to.

Recruit a partner. Often, we are more faithful to others than we are to ourselves. Find someone–a friend, family member, or acquaintance at the gym–who has similar goals and shares your enthusiasm. If you can’t find anyone, enlist friends, class instructors, or others to help you find a partner.

Establish a routine. Sticking with a new routine is easier if you do it at the same time everyday. It requires less mental effort and soon becomes an unconscious positive force.

Focus on results. Remember why you are expending the effort, and congratulate yourself with both concrete and abstract rewards: Pick up that shirt you have been eyeing or strike a sexy pose in front of the mirror.

Document what you do. Take pictures, make a chart, or keep a journal to document your successful transformation.