7. Always Nag. Men should nag about how dirty the house is, how awful dinner was, and why there is always a shortage of clean socks. Women should nag about the lawn needing mowing, the car needing waxing, and the garage needing a thorough cleaning.

8. Constantly compare your partner unfavorably to other persons. “Why don’t you make as much money as Harry Green?” or, “Loretta looks gorgeous when George gets home from work. Why do you always have your hair in curlers?” Any snide remarks such as these will do.

9. Never worry about your appearance. The person married you for better or worse and this happens to be your worst. So what? It’s your right not to shower and shave for a couple of days. So what if you wear curlers and night cream to bed?

10. Never pray for each other or pray together. Who needs the help?