With the holidays comes holiday parties. Many of us will be attending parties, whether they be family, friends, church
or work. For some individuals these are more difficult and it is more than just who makes up the crowd (although that can certainly be part of it.)

If you are dreading all these “get-togethers” it could be because you are introverted. Simply defined, introverts are people that are recharged by spending time by themselves. People with this personality type are drained by large gatherings and the pressure to socialize for an extended period of time. Especially if that time is undefined. Introverts are not necessarily “anti-social” they just don’t always fit into the social butterfly mold that extroverts do. Extroverts are recharged by being around people. Interactions with people are what keep them going, so holiday parties can be much more enjoyable for them.

Tips for introverts this season:

  • If possible, don’t attend every party you are invited to
  • Predetermine how long you plan on staying
  • Take “time-outs” if you start to feel overwhelmed whether that is outside for fresh air or a quick trip to the restroom
  • Offer to help the host

So, don’t beat yourself up with holiday parties this year and remember that it is acceptable to take steps to avoid feeling overwhelmed. You are not the only one that feels that way!