Depression has become more prominent in our mobile society.  Depression is common to us all in life’s course; however, some individuals suffer from this affliction due to a chemical imbalance.  The best counseling efforts without medication would only add futility to an already troubled life.

Antidepressants are quite numerous and have to be prescribed according to one’s specific needs.  The determinants are varied as are the descriptions of depression.

Depression is an evolving “buzz  word” for similar descriptions of despair.  The following are symptoms common with depression:

  1. Feeling tired most of the time, despite adequate rest
  2. Disturbance in sleeping habits (too much or too little)
  3. Disturbances in eating habits (too much or too little)
  4. Irritable, upset over little things
  5. Sadness for no apparent reason
  6. Breaking into tears without any known cause
  7. Loss of sex drive (often complete)
  8. Headaches, often present but not severe
  9. Chronic back pain, stomach complaints
  10. Lack of enthusiasm or feeling of enjoyment
  11. Inability to concentrate
  12. Inability to make decisions
  13. Worried, fearful
  14. Feeling unwanted, unworthy, guilty
  15. Feeling life is not worth living (suicidal thoughts or gestures)
  16. Indigestion, chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea

Many Christians are reluctant to get help for depression because they fear it might reflect on their lack of faith or sins.  There are many hymns which advocate that you can be drawn from the darkest of depression by enriching ones faith.  Whether spiritual problems are prevalent or not, in the midst of depression is not the time to sort it out.  It makes sense to not work on marital problems while someone is drunk, so it is with depression.  Remember that guilt is often just a symptom of depression.

If you are feeling any of the above mentioned symptoms, it might be advisable to contact the ChristianCounselingCenter, your regular physician, or your minister.