Want to have a healthy family? They do not happen by accident. It takes effort and paying attention to areas that will fortify rather than destroy. Dolores Curran wrote a book:  Stress and the Healthy Family  in 1985. The wisdom contained within this book still holds true today.

Curran performed a survey and all participants responded. She drew the following conclusions about healthy families from the survey. There were 15 traits that rose to the top from the 56 traits that were presented.

Healthy families:

  • Communicate and listen
  • Affirm and support
  • Respect one another
  • Develop trust
  • Have a sense of play and honor
  • Share responsibilities
  • Teach right from wrong
  • Build a strong sense of family
  • Have a balance of interaction
  • Have a shared religious core
  • Respect privacy
  • Foster table time conversation
  • Value service to others
  • Share leisure time
  • Admit to problems and seek help

There is one of the fifteen traits that were common with all of the respondents. It was “foster table time and conversation. It is important to take time to make a difference in your families by eating together and talking about the day’s events. It is equally important to be able to share the emotional aspects of your day for support and encouragement.

We encourage you to consider this list of traits that might enhance and empower your family.

Roger D. Thompson, MS