Men and women are different. It does not take a Marriage and Family Therapist to realize that.

Men and women communicate differently. That isn’t rocket science either but sometimes couples forget that. For this post I want to focus on a simple communication technique men can use to improve the way they interact with their wives.

Men are wired to fix problems. They hear their wife express a frustration and immediately formulate a plan to make it better. A step by step plan is on the tip of the man’s tongue. Women are not looking for this. Women only want their husbands initial reaction to be one of hearing what they have to say. It is not about fixing the issue at work, with family, etc. They just want to be heard. So, as difficult as this can be for men, marital communication thrives on them holding their solutions and hearing what their wives need to say.

The simple communication technique of listening can make a big difference as the wife simply wants her frustrations to be heard by her husband.

So, men, as a way of improving your relationship via a simple communication technique…listen!

Justin P. Lewis, MA