If we allow stress to accumulate it can lead to anxiety. So, properly handling stress is a very effective way of preventing problems with anxiety. Reducing stress is sometimes easier said than done. Here are a few ways to reduce stress. These ideas are influenced by an article on everydayhealth.com.

  • Exercise. You are able to work out those tense muscles with exercise. It also helps with your mood. The release of endorphins from your body causes you to feel better emotionally.
  • Compromise. Sometimes stress comes from arguing or being in conflict with someone else. Being able to compromise and realizing that “winning” an argument is coming to a common consensus rather than getting your way prevents a lot of stress.
  • Write it down. Writing out thoughts is a good way to organize them and “get them out of our system.” Whether you type it on your computer or write it with pen and paper it can be relaxing.
  • Set boundaries. Decide what realistic demands are and live within those limits. Only start projects that you intend on finishing and can reasonably finish with a plan on how to do this. Remembering to take time for yourself is also important and can be read about more here.
  • Talk to a counselor. Going to a counselor does not mean you are crazy. It means you care about your well-being. When stress is very high it can be helpful to have an objective person in your life to help you get through it.

There are a few tips on how stress can be reduced. Prevention is always better than treatment, so the quicker these are implemented the easier the stress will be to deal with.


Justin P. Lewis, MA, LMFT