Planning on getting married soon? Congrats!

Preparing for a wedding can be an exciting time, it can be busy and a little stressful (especially for the bride) but it leads to one of the most memorable days of your life and that makes it more manageable.


As important as it is to prepare for the wedding, it is even more important to prepare for the marriage. The wedding lasts a couple hours and is over before you know it, the marriage lasts much longer. So, as much detail and effort that is involved in the wedding should not compare to the preparation for the marriage.

A helpful process is pre-marriage counseling. Most people have heard of pre-marriage counseling, but may not be familiar with what exactly that involves.

Pre-marriage counseling is not someone sitting across from you finding reasons why you should not get married. A counselor’s goal in pre-marriage counseling is helping the couple identify areas that are strengths and areas that could be challenges. These are discovered by a face-to-face interview and possibly a standardized inventory named Prepare/Enrich.

No need to be intimidated about this process, pre-marriage counseling is often fun as the couple gets the opportunity to share their story. They are able to look forward to building a new life with someone they love.

Attending pre-marriage counseling does not mean there is something wrong with your relationship, it means you care about it enough to prepare for it. 

At Christian Counseling Center we are qualified and willing to provide this service. We love working with couples at this point in their relationship.