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Use this screening test to assess your own situation or in helping others. It is written by Patrick Carnes, one of the pioneers in the area of sexual addictions. A score above 8 indicates possible problems and you may need to seek professional help.

T F 1. I have some sexual sites bookmarked.
T F 2. I spend more than 5 hours per week using my computer for sexual pursuits.
T F 3. I have joined sexual sites to gain access t online sexual materials.
T F 4. I have purchased sexual products online.
T F 5. I have searched for sexual material through an Internet search tool.
T F 6. I have spent more money for online sexual material than I planned.
T F 7. Internet sex has sometimes interfered with certain aspects of my life.
T F 8. I have participated in sexually related chats.
T F 9. I have a sexualized user name or nickname that I use on the Internet.
T F 10. I have masturbated while on the Internet.
T F 11. I have accessed sexual sites from other computers besides my home.
T F 12. No one knows I use my computer for sexual purposes.
T F 13. I have tried to hide what is on my computer or monitor so others cannot see it.
T F 14. I have stayed up after midnight to access sexual material online.
T F 15. I use the internet to experiment with different aspects of sexuality (e.g. bondage, homosexuality, anal sex, etc.)
T F 16. I have my own web site which contains some sexual material.
T F 17. I have made promises to myself to stop using the Internet for sexual purposes.
T F 18. I sometimes use cybersex as a reward for accomplishing something (e.g. finish a project, stressful day, etc.)
T F 19. When I am unable to access sexual information online, I feel anxious, angry, or disappointed.
T F 20. I have increased the risks I take online (give out name and phone number, meet people offline, etc.)
T F 21. I have punished myself when I use the Internet for sexual purposes (e.g., time-out from computer, cancel Internet subscription, etc.)
T F 22. I have met face to face with someone I met online for romantic purposes.
T F 23. I use sexual humor and innuendo with others while online.
T F 24. I have run across illegal sexual material while on the Internet.
T F 25. I believe I am an Internet sex addict.
T F 26. I repeatedly attempt to stop certain sexual behaviors and fail.
T F 27. I have continued my sexual behavior despite it having caused me problems
T F 28. Before my sexual behavior I want it but afterwards I regret it.
T F 29. I have lied often to conceal my sexual behavior.
T F 30. I believe I am a sex addict.
T F 31. I worry about people finding out about my sexual activities.
T F 32. I have made efforts to quit a type of sexual activity and failed.
T F 33. I hide some of my sexual behavior from others.
T F 34. When I have sex, I feel depressed afterwards.

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