A great marriage results from efforts for the good times and even greater efforts to get through the tough times. A wonderful marriage is not an assumed relationship, but one requiring attention and care. The focus of a great marriage is the intent of the article, because it requires intentional efforts.

man and woman sitting on wooden swing while kissing

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Pay attention to your mate by looking at them when you talk to them.

Turn off any electronic devices that might create distraction. Put down whatever you are doing in order to pay attention.

Ask if this is a good time to talk to your mate.

Listen to your mate when they talk to you.

Look at your mate while you talk to them.

Avoid any distractions that may suggest your lack of interest.

It might be helpful to ask questions about what they said to be sure that you understood their message.

Persuasive speech conveys your thoughts while trying to convince the other to your views. This usually brings a positive conversation to a halt.

Listening, asking questions, and being courteous may bring out the best in your mate.

Roger Thompson, LMFT