Trauma is a life event or sudden change in our life that has the potential to overwhelm us. The death of a spouse, job loss, sexual abuse, abandonment, devastation due to storms or fire, are a few sudden changes in our lives that create an overwhelming presence too difficult to cope with alone.

Trauma may impact us with a myriad of symptoms. You may have trouble sleeping, have trouble concentrating, feel detached or in a daze. When you or someone you love begins to deal with the impact of a heartbreaking event, there are some things to help.

  • Understand that it is normal to feel the way you do at this time.
  • Crying is normal and healthy.
  • Telling the story of the event relieves the stress of the trauma.
  • Maintain close bonds with caring people.
  • Begin each day with 5 minutes of deep, relaxed breathing.
  • It is OK to ask for help.
  • Be Patient.

When you are helping others:

  • Never ask “why” they feel the way they do.
  • Do not attempt to solve a problem, just listen.
  • Avoid needless questioning for details of your own curiosity, let them tell their story. They need to be heard
  • Avoid telling your own war stories.
  • Avoid statements that minimize their feelings.
  • Avoid statements of “you should”.

The good news about recovering from trauma is that it is possible and can lead to personal growth that otherwise might not have occurred.

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